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The Dorset Association of Cricket Officials consists of umpires and scorers who are dedicated to serving the needs of recreational and youth cricket throughout Dorset.  At present we provide match officials for all county youth matches, up to the under-17 age group, along with premier league and division one matches throughout the season.  In order to fulfil this function to the highest possible standard, every match official is invited to attend a training course during the winter.  These training courses are held throughout the County, and are organised and run by our trained instructors. All instructors and officers of the Association are unpaid volunteers.  At present we run at least two courses a year.  We are available to run more, shorter courses, for those clubs to which, at present, we cannot appoint umpires.

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There are approximately eighty cricket clubs in Dorset. We appoint umpires to matches for twenty of those clubs for Saturday matches only.  Our aim is to increase this number.  To this end we require more instructors and equally important more equipment for our current instructors.  Until recently we have been unable to fulfil the requests for umpires to officiate for Sunday matches.  Fortunately, we are now able to provide umpires for a small number of Sunday matches.  We aim to continue this improvement by training and recruitment.

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